2-Panel Comic 127

“…The mechanical engineers don’t think it should be too hard either. Anyway, should be fully operational by the end of next month. What’re you guys going to do with it anyway?”

“Oh… nothing special. Just sail around the world, visit a few sites maybe.”

2-Panel Comic 126

“Look at those blithering imbeciles! Human and robot alike, fools one and all, wasting what pathetically little remaining cerebral ability they’ve allotted themselves after trying days of mindlessly undisciplined busywork. I cannot pity such¬† imbeciles, so much as I must find a way to put them out of the misery of their pointless lives. But finally, I have found a way. They will rejoice when they see what relief I will finally bring to them. They will, at once, collapse in eternal bliss…

“Now they will understand why I’ve toiled all these years. NOW, THEY WILL LOVE ME FOR IT!!”

2-Panel Comic 125

In the blink of his omnipotent eye, an angry God wiped the earth of modernity.

And though gone was the era of convenience, soon rose the era of a wrathful God’s most monstrous abomination to salt the Earth of humanity and its little remaining technologies.

That which we archaically called the Leviathan.

2-Panel Comic 115

“Dammit Bob, the pain’s only getting worse. Let me show you.”

“It’s right here. What do you think I should do?”

“I’ve got a few ideas. Let me show you what I’ve been using.”

“It’s so easy, all you’ve gotta do is hold the rope!”

2-Panel Comic 113

“Well? What do you see, Timothy?

“EVERYTHING! I’ve never seen colors like these before, Doc!”

“Good. Just as we expected.”

“It’s super neato, Doc! Hey, what’re you gonna do with these anyways?”

“Ha, don’t you worry about that, Timothy! My assistants in the back room are doing all the hard work.”

7-Panel Comic 112

Lightning tore across the sky in bleak morning sky as he set sail for that abominable place.

And none knew their ultimate destination but he.

Despite the legends and warnings, Eric had not expected the evil presence to take hold of their ship so quickly.

Crew and guest alike. None were untouched.

Until, finally, he and nine others abandoned their overtaken vessel.

The sea grew angrier, but he voyaged forward despite their pleads to stop.

What were once ten survivors turned to eight. Then six. Then four.

And now three.

Until there was one.

His journey may have been weeks or may have been months. It may have been day or may have been night.  Yet suddenly, as through out of time and space itself, Eric alone arrived at the floating gateway to the dark place of his dreams.

His single obsession for these cruel, seemingly-endless leagues of ocean.

Furiously, he navigated through the bowels of the cave, maddeningly, through its twists and turns, desperately, around it’s corners and cavernous enclaves.

Until he reached the place… from his dreams.

He crashed at the edge of land and leapt forward with what little energy remained to begin walking, slowly.

In silence.

Until finally, finally, his Dark Master appeared to him, as he had once before.

Following Eric, all along.

Testing him.


Just above him.