A Great Review of “Beat L.A.” on I Saw Lightning Fall Blog!

A good friend of mine, Loren Eaton of the I Saw Lightning Fall writing craft blog, wrote an immense review of Beat L.A. both is size and kind praise. Typically, Loren is no-holds-barred with me and has, in the past, been a great commentator, critic and supporter for me. So when I read his review of Beat L.A., I almost blushed when I read passages like this:

Remember those three defining traits of noir? Crime fiction. Gritty. Ends badly. Well, Beat L.A. certainly has the first two down pat. In some ways, it feels almost like an offshoot of the classic procedural. Phillips and Chavira keep their focus squarely on Richter, Brand and Reese, zeroing in on their public struggles and secret motivations even as a preposterous ensemble of secondary characters cavorts around them. Don’t take “preposterous” as a criticism, either.

Read the whole review here, at the site. And consider going to the Amazon or Goodreads sites yourself and posting your own review! I’d love to read them, even if they’re deeply critical. That, after all, is what Beat L.A.–at it’s core–is about, after all.