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Antonio Manuel Chavira is a novelist, comic book writer, copyeditor and writing teacher. Most importantly, he organizes and mobilizes creative people to make lots of  things: from comics to mobile games to cartoons, homes and multi-story buildings to parks and gardens. Everything is a challenge and nothing’s off-limits.

His past lives include attending universities in New Hampshire, England and California, and graduating with degrees in Psychology, Globalization, Statistics, Mass Media, and Art History. He was a former board member of a non-profit advocacy for affordable housing and now, besides copyediting for companies like Microsoft and non-profits like SPIRITT Family Services, he manages an architecture firm in Downtown Los Angeles and teaches economics undergrads at California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, CA.

His recent graphic novel with Los Angeles-based writer Gary Phillips and Brazilian artist Manoel Magalhães, Beat L.A., explores the underbelly of gentrification throughout the political and physical landscape of Los Angeles and has been described as “gripping,” “criminal, gritty, dark and fun.” In the book’s forward, author Jerry Stahl writes that “BEAT L.A. demonstrates the hard truth that gentrified does not mean civilized. And a man can die just as ugly in a penthouse as a gutter.”

His absurdist online comic with artist Josh Dunlap, Tuna Carpaccio P.I. (, about a strong but oblivious detective in a mad-capped, noir-scaped city, has been called by Thrilling Detective “a real hoot. Writer Chavira knows the P.I. genre inside and out and has no problem poking big ass holes in some of its most beloved tropes,” and Ain’t It Cool News wrote that Tuna Carpaccio P.I. “takes all expectations and gives them a goofy spin.”

He is a co-partner in the Design and Animation company, Massive Chaos and maintains a blog at where he muses on writing, reading, design, absurdity, morality, and the sad banality of injustice. He bites his lip when he’s nervous in photos and goes by Tony, most of the time.


About Minefield Wonderland

Minefield Wonderland is the beginning of something exploratory, where I combine all of my writing projects in one place.  I tend to write very quickly (and, at times, furiously) so I hope you can forgive errors along the way.  They will be hidden in the mix, unfortunately.

 If you have any questions, comments, requests, or just feeling like chatting, fire an email to tonywrites [at] minefieldwonderland [dot] com.

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