Amazing Recognition: My Feature Screenplay, Trust & Treachery, a finalist for the World Series of Screenwriting

I was honored this morning to get an email from the World Series of Screenwriting that said this:

“[Y]our work has been carefully selected by our judges as […] an Official Finalist in the 2015 World Series of Screenwriting Competition!
The 2015 contest received several hundred projects from many countries around the world, and your select group of screenplays emerged as the competition’s very best.  Congratulations on recognition well deserved!”
Why thanks! Trust & Treachery, was my first feature screenplay, an action-adventure, cold war, spy-versus-government story near and dear to to me that I started maybe 10 years ago. You’ll find it right in the first category, among the other surely-great Action/Adventure scripts.
What makes it especially near and dear is that I also finished it years ago, and sat around in fear/anxiety thinking that it wasn’t suspenseful, action-y, or just plain good enough. In reality, it was just about me… I didn’t feel good enough, and because that was the case I sat in silent fear that if anyone read anything I wrote, I would be rejected utterly.
But instead, look what happened: a finalist out of hundreds of scripts. Fate is stranger (and much less realistic) than any fiction.
Now an added bonus—my friend Axel Ortiz‘s original cover art for the Trust & Treachery comic I was developing with the egregiously talented Josh Dunlap (the original version, which I turned into a screenplay). I hope you like it, though I’m sure you will… both are such tremendous artists.