A Kindly Accolade: “Another Chance” Script Officially Selected by the NYC Independent Film Festival

So the title to this post says it all: My 10-minute short screenplay, Another Chance, is an official selection for the New York City Independent Film Festival.

In short (since it’s a short), “Another Chance” is about a guy named Steve. Steve’s girlfriend, Shirley, breaks up with him and he’s left alone in his apartment until, suddenly, an older, grizzled version of Steve barges in and berates him for having been such a terrible boyfriend. In fact, this older Steve went back in time to try (as a disguised outside agent) and convince Steve to treat Shirley less terribly. Or nicely, even.

Done with himself, Older Steve gives up and tosses Steve his time travel device. Steve thinks it over a moment, turns the clock back two years, and tries his own hand at keeping his relationship together.

Anyway, I wrote this short while in a strange sort of life-place. So it’s nice to see that place get recognized… strangely or not.