And Downward, He Glided.

This post is a little fun something I’ve done for and with my friend Loren Eaton at the I Saw Lightning Fall reading and writing blog. More short, frightening entries here:

And here is mine.

And Downward, He Glided.

And downward he glided, shifting, sinking, on sliding toboggan, moving through snow, through the moon’s thinnest light, beams blurring white vapor cold into each eye.

Past caves and crags and dark dying trees. Past silence and airstream, landscape ashen, asleep, and the sharp bark of wolves from the thick forest deep. The night conjured shadows, things drew from all sides. They nipped at his heels and chased from behind, as he skimmed, as he slid down the sharp mountain’s guide.

And into the deep, into the night, for all the forever left in his brief life, downward, he glided.