The Post Where I’m Going to Argue That We Should Start Making More Words Up

So everyone’s throwing tantrums about Oxford Dictionaries naming “Selfie” Word of the Year, but all of those people are linguistic luddites, I say!

I also say that there’s a great website called Wordoid, which is my new favorite obsession. The website seems like a digital tool that can help entrepreneurs come up with English-language-sounding wordish amalgams to name their websites without worry that someone’s going to charge them body parts in order to secure the URL, but I say that we find something that looks like it’s going to work and go nuts! I mean, where did “selfie” come from anyway? The right answer: Who cares? It’s here now, language is large enough to manage lots of new words, whether they make perfect sense or not.

But Wordoid, at the very least, seems like its useful in finding something that’s at least phonetic. Take these gems:

ascontance, and

Were I to read them in some new piece of literary fiction, my mind would swirl with their possible in-context meanings:

“He was such an imporary child, flurrent with ascontance and impudent sociation.”

That was fun. Let’s try some more:

“Simple with ramptomy, he attered, she whispered, and they kissed entence the garden.”

“The group yawed, carned and sequesting, the ship’s hydroches tilting with independence, intered by the storm.”

Anyway, find of a lifetime… go nuts, and post them here if you feel like it, I’d love to read whatever you come up with.