Why I Haven’t Been Bloggin’: A Taste of My Next Novella

I didn’t mean to completely vanish from the face of the internet or anything, NSA (my only subscribers), but I’m currently working on a novella scheduled to be delivered to a local (for Los Angeles) editor and publishing company this upcoming fall. Instead of shooting myself in the foot by leaking a synopsis of the story outright here at Minefield Wonderland, allow me the latitude to provide a little taste of the information I’m mixing, mashing and meshing in order to properly put it together. Maybe you can even guess what I’m doing on your own, anything is possible.

First, this article:

DYNAMIC DISTURBANCES IN THE HANDWRITING OF PSYCHOTICS With Reference to Schizophrenic, Paranoid and Manic-Depressive Psychosis.  From the abstract:

1. The handwriting of psychotic patients show definite characteristics.2. The basic disturbance in the psychotic handwriting is expressed by the drastic disturbance in the dynamic relationship.3. The fundamental dynamic disturbance finds different modifications in the handwriting of the schizophrenic, the paranoid and the manic-depressive patients.

Second, this article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation titled “In Depth Review: New NSA Documents Expose How Americans Can Be Spied on Without A Warrant,” regarding the information that Edward Snowden provided to The Guardian. An excerpt:

The targeting document also exposes the government’s deceptive strategy to down-play their gigantic database of all the phone call records of Americans, obtained by misusing Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act. They collect all information on who you call and how long the call lasts, but as President Obama emphatically stated “There are no names.”  Maybe not in that database, but the documents here shows that NSA also maintains a separate database of names, telephone numbers and other identifiers.

Third, this article in Foreign Policy Magazine about the massive urbanism of Caracas, in Venezuela. An excerpt:

There is perhaps no better symbol of the depths to which Venezuela has sunk under President Hugo Chavez than Centro Comercial Sambil La Candelaria, a shopping mall in Caracas, the country’s teeming capital. In 2008, when he ordered its expropriation, Chavez called the mall a “monster of capitalism.”Yelitza Campos, who heads a neighborhood association across the street from the megamall, calls it a “nightmare.”

For Marta Navarro, it is simply a roof over her head.

Fourth, this article in EconJustice about the Deepwater Horizon’s settlement agreements. An excerpt:

Questions were raised about the secretive way that BP Oil Company spirited away the surviving workers, debriefing them and requiring signatures on release forms before they could return home to their worried families, and the concerns about the environmental impact of the disaster were very limited.

Fifth, The Power & The Glory, by Graham Greene. An excerpt:

He went rather stumblingly on: “Heaven is where there is no jefe, no unjust laws, no taxes, no soldiers, and no hunger. Your children do not die in heaven.” The door of the hut opened and a man slipped in. There was whispering out of range of the candlelight. “You will never be afraid there – or unsafe. There are no Red Shirts. Nobody grows old. The crops never fail. Oh, it is easy to say all the things that there will not be in heaven: what is there is God. That is more difficult. Our words are made to describe what we know with our senses. We say ‘light,’ but we are thinking only of the sun, ‘love’…” It was not easy to concentrate: the police were not far away.

Sixth, Donald Goine’s Whoreson, a semi-autobiography about his wild life. An excerpt:

After my ninth birthday I began to really understand the meaning of my name. I began to understand just what my mother was doing for a living. There was nothing I could do about it, but even had I been able to, I wouldn’t have changed it.

And seventh, Ed Piskor’s amazing comic, Wizzywig. An excerpt:


Plus The Catholic Bible and a million godzillian news articles.

The writing ends at the very beginning of next month and editing will go on until November, but if anything jumps up or strikes me I’ll be back to blog it up here at MW.

Until then.