Blasting the Ivory Horn of High Nerdery, San Diego Calls and Commands Us Forth!

As like Anime Expo, I’ll be hanging out in San Diego this upcoming Friday and Saturday at Comic Con International, an exposition of popular arts, artists, and storytelling.

So come, join me and several great friends at Booth #1631, for conversations about one of the following things

1) Beat L.A., because you’ve read it and want to talk about the current state of police and political affairs in my hometown, the city of Los Angeles.

2) Masks, which will be the Minefield Wonderland picture theme at Comic Con 2013! Except that I’ll be posting a series of highly-detailed masks for your reading enjoyment in the near future.

3) Information Security! Which I’m writing about at the moment, for a project whose details will be revealed sooner than later, I promise. I’m just trying to keep my own thoughts straight, and summarizing it in its entirety before I have any idea of what I’m writing will likely screw me way up. But, in the meantime, if you know anything about a) SQL Injection, b) Pen Testing or c) IPv6, let’s chat it up!

4) Race Relations and Sociology in America, which is always interesting to me. Especially if you’ve ever read anything by Edward Said, James Baldwin, Angela Davis or Cornel West. Or else if you’ve read anything by Victor Villaseñor, Sesshu Foster, Ruth Ozeki, Yolanda Broyles González, or especially Sucheng Chan, (since I’m not as well-versed on Asian-American Studies as some others). Or else if you know anything about the field of Native American Studies and can recommend an awesome author, do it!

5) Venezuelan Police Society under Hugo Chavez. If you’re Venezuelan, I’d love to your input and (really) I’d love to record your personal history in the country if you’d let me. I’m not going to use for anything other than research for a book I’m writing, and I’d just love to get a sense of how you feel that your personal culture has changed because of living under Chavez in his high-security state.

6) Anything/Everything. Because I love to talk. Not convinced? Test me.

7) Fatale, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Because its great. And it’s Comic Con, so yeah. Gotta do it.

8) Either Lex Luthor or Vandal Savage. Although, maybe it’s best you don’t even get me started on these guys… our conversation will last the whole convention.

9) Or this, a new Art Book by my good friend, Axel #13, with words and descriptions by me which you will hopefully enjoy:

2013-07-12 15.23.24

See you there! And see you square.