And Now, A Compendium of Gratuitously Huge Weaponry from Anime Expo 2013!

After this weekend at Anime Expo, exploring the furthest, most profound corners of Japanese animation culture, I decided that readers of my–this–blog might appreciate a little award ceremony based on a theme, if only to frame the experience: swallowed by animated convention-goers, sitting/dancing with my amazing artist pals. That theme is enormous weaponry, the kind illustrated heroes the entertainment world over seem to have little problem wielding, but for the sake of regular people must be made of foam or some other, really light material.

I think we need to begin with this razor-sharp gem, which is angled for the photo but (in reality) about as tall as this guy’s body:


But maybe that sword’s not fancy enough for you:


His sword not big enough? We can fix that.


Still too shrimpy, I think. Got anything else?


Bigger still?


How about bigger than the person’s body?


Yes, that one also reaches all the way to the floor. Yet, it isn’t nearly as unique or fancy as I’d prefer.


Although I mustn’t assume… maybe, in fact, you’re not a hand-to-hand combat aficionado. Prefer projectiles?


Pfft… not nearly big enough!


Better. The giant barrel of ammunition seems like a fun time at a firing range. Still, anything bigger?


Getting closer, but not quite there…


That’s more like it!

Granted, there still isn’t enough flair among the large-weaponry consortium. I, in fact, prefer my bludgeoning done by men of class:



I love the flowers in their coat pockets.

Though, possibly, you enjoy ladies in school outfits reaping the unsuspecting with scythes so large they do not even fit in my camera frame:


Or else so large that their scythe completely overwhelms them:


Personally, I prefer death with a sense of humor:



Given my options, I have narrowed this gallery of bombastic banderilla and ballista down to the three best and most outrageously-sized. Coming in at number three, a demon who fights with a rock-branch so hefty it required that he squatted to pull and lever it up onto his shoulders for this shot:


At number two, this guy, and his dually-epic stance and axe-tar:


And finally, the winner of my quest for the most amazingly large, creative and unique weapon at Anime Expo 2013, this rainbow-hued demon from a netherworld so saturated that he felt compelled to invade our dimension with frequencies from a color spectrum beyond our comprehension:


As my friend James Mosingo said after I photographed the winner, you’re just not going to get any better than this guy.

And so if you happen to BE this guy, shoot me a message at TonyWrites [at] MinefieldWonderland [dot] com and I’ll send you a free copy of my comic, Beat L.A., just for putting in the very impressive effort. You just can’t mess with the rainbow hammer.

And if you know the anime or manga this character is from, let me know (because if this Expo showed me anything, it’s that I’m really out of the loop with my manga reading).