A Goodreads Giveaway of Beat L.A., Because I’m Really Not Such a Terrible Person After All

Just because I happened to take a ton of Beat L.A. copies home with me, I figured that I’d do the sporting thing and put together a little giveaway on Goodreads for 12 shiny and sparkling new copies. As the below-inserted widget unmistakably indicates, the giveaway ends on June 12, which means that you only haveĀ X-amount of days left to enter, depending on when you’re reading this. Hopefully you catch it sooner than later, as I’d obviously love to give a copy away to one of the 5-ish someones who take the time to peruse the glowing character-fields of Minefield Wonderland before other someones who, say, either don’t come here or are anonymous to this site.

Granted, given the Guardian article published yesterday that the NSA were collecting everything on us short of the DNA samples we drop every day, I wouldn’t blame most people for throwing away their cell phones, paying everything in cash, storing their money is Bitcoin containers, taking on avatars, handles, both and/or many of each, and operating only in private-browsing mode from nondescript locations at the far fringes of the world for whatever anonymity may be left to salvage.

Anyway, solve for “X” and good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Beat L.A. by Gary Phillips and Tony Chavira

Beat L.A.

by Gary Phillips, Tony Chavira

Giveaway ends June 12, 2013.

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