A Few Thoughts Before Tomorrow.

A few thoughts before the end, tomorrow.

1) The biblical, “Left Behind,” Apocalypse maybe happened already. But instead of ascending to heaven, the good folks couldn’t stand being separated from their loves ones and just stuck around. That’s just what good people do. There’s a chance we’re living in the post-apocalypse, then. If you believe in that kind of thing.

2) Our yesterdays won’t come back, whether or not we want them to. They’re actually dead and gone, unable to return. The “you” from then is gone also, you’re not the person you were even a month ago. You, right now, are simply a different person than you were yesterday. It’s possible that even a future “you” doesn’t really die, then. You only change into something you–today–cannot recognize.

3) While you’re reading this, someone’s having their last second on Earth. What could they possibly be thinking? And how long does that second really last? Could they be reflecting on these infinite and minute details in ultra high definition? At the same speed we’re experiencing them now?

4) Is that what we’re doing right now? Re-experiencing our lives from that infinite second?

5) Who knows.