Sesame Street & The Purpose of Public Education

Funny how easily it is to sit on the fence about funding public broadcasting until we place so fine an avatar as “Big Bird” in the public spotlight. personally, I’ve always attributed Sesame Street, developmentally, to the realm of the emotionally-evolving age ranges of 2-6 years old, and the show became locked there, in my memory, while the rest of the world grew up around me.

But when pundits make statements about how Sesame Street, as a legal entity, should learn to fend for itself in the free market, this leaves its producers with no choice but to wrangle the program’s goals away from “educational only for the sake of children watching” to “educational with an underlying emphasis on attracting more viewers to appeal to advertisers.” this motive for public television, i think, is wrong, unless–of course–you believe that it’s important for your 2-year’s developmental programming to compete with commercial interruptions every 8-10 minutes.

And yet, somehow, we also dumbfounded when our kids miraculously grow up with the sense that they are entitled to things.