Beat L.A. Kickstarter: Funded

Thanks to the efforts of a bunch of amazing people, Beat L.A.’s Kickstarter, to develop a published book to combine Gary Phillip’s Bike Cop Dave story and my Brand and Reese story, has been fully and unequivocally blessed by the gods of the internet and funded for publishing.

Lots to do though…

1) Get our cover done. I actually reached out to the amazing Bryan Lee ( for a cover that conveys the dread and wildness Gary and I try to convey Beat L.A. So far, the images he’s set me are fantastic and I can’t wait to share the final cover.

2) Per the $150 reward perk, Gary and I are in the process of co-writing a short story that involves the names of the 6 individuals who gave us sizeable surges of moolah when we needed it most. The prose should fit in between Bike Cop Dave and Brand & Reese, and fuse the stories together nicely, albeit, savagely.

3) The printing of things. The comic printers need their copies as soon as we feel that things are in order, so that’s one thing. The script printers are ready, we just need to compile everything into a document that’ll be fun to read, with some sketches of Mani’s studies and maybe a few rough pages so everyone gets a sense of how things came together.

4) Determine our shipping date. Which should be figured out relatively soon. When I have an update, you’ll be the first to know!

5) Locking down an awesome writer to do a forward, which we’ve done. I can’t give anything away yet, but let’s just say that its someone whose definitely stood both in the sun and the shadows of Los Angeles, and–we think–knows just how strange living in this city can be.

Man, who knew that doing a Kickstarter would involve such a quest for learning and the ins and outs of the publishing process. Better to learn now than never, right?