Tomorrow, I will be at Wondercon

Hi everyone who reads this,

I’m going to be at Wondercon tomorrow selling copies of the comics you have seen posted to this site, evaluating a plethora of business plans and due diligence reports for work, and pontificating life’s greatest mysteries. Such mysteries include, but are not limited to “why are we here?” “if we set day 1 arbitrarily, what year is it really?” and “why do artists make less money overall than evil investment bankers?”

So come one and come all to Anaheim, CA’s convention center to booth #SP-092 and let’s chat it up. I’ll be sitting around with these very cool artists:

Axel #13

Axel's Art

Some of his art for ya

Allison Reimold

Some of her art

Dusty Divine

Some of his art

And hopefully a guest appearance by my pal Josh Dunlap (if we can convince him to come out)

Some of his art too

Hope to see you there!