The Wage Worker’s Desperation

In a piece I’m particularly proud of, this week on FourStory I’m tackling exactly how wage workers are broken down and exploited, and exactly why we need to increase taxes on the wealthy right now. Here’s an excerpt:

Why exactly is it that we’ve seen corporate profits eat away at 88% of the national growth since the recession began while the aggregate wages and salaries of worker bees like you and me have only accounted for a measly 1% of national growth? Is it because corporate bigwigs are actually worth that much more money than us? Is it because we are worth less? Of course, the answer to both of those questions is no. Instead, I will let former Los Angeles crack dealer/drug kingpin/wage-distribution-economist Freeway Rick Ross explain this phenomenon to you…

Care to find out what he says? Click through to my article and read read read!