2-Panel Comic 35

I found two images somewhere on the internet and turned them into a 2-panel comic.

Something about drinking Neuronia was oddly alluring to Simon.  He knew he was a decent computer programmer, but the Neuronia just seemed to make things easier.  He was typing faster, made fewer mistakes, focused more naturally, more readily stepped into and out of more networks, more casually strolled through digital walls.

He promised the National program’s sub-director, General Salazar, that he would take it slow.  One step at a time.  But Simon could feel the integrated power of his abilities flowing through his fingers and into the world’s circuitous mainframe.

Simon refilled the Neuronia tank and peered through his computer screen to the network on the opposite side.  ‘It was time to have a little fun… just to test myself and this network’s capabilities,’ he reasoned.  ‘Besides, it’s just a little hacking… I won’t hurt anyone.’