2-Panel Comic 33

I found two images somewhere on the internet and turned them into a 2-panel comic.

“Yeah, I’ll stay the rest of the hour.  What are you so jumpy about anyway?” Gina stated slowly, unsure of what to make of the crossed out pictures on the wall.

Only half listening, Harold loaded another rifle with quick military precision, “I need ta get out there tonight, but they’re startin’ ta wise up.  They know my smell now, I think.”

Gina tried her best to appear nonchalant.  She’d finish her cigarette and make an excuse to leave, she worried.  Something was wrong with him.

Gina put out her cigarette and stared at the door, counting the seconds as Harold loaded another handgun.

But outside the apartment door, something had followed his scent from the streets and was waiting for any movement…