The Saint, The Lover and The Devil

(This flash fiction is part of my friend, Loren Eaton’s, shared storytelling holiday venture, Advent Ghosts.  Other stories can be found on his blog, I Saw Lightning Fall.  Naturally, I set it to music… so click the Youtube link first).

She was asleep.  He awoke suddenly, rested, dressed, cleaned and ready.

Propelled into his sleigh, the reindeer thrust forward as he desperately checked: 12:02 am, 2001.  Two minutes were lost.

He circumvented the world in four hours, thirty-one minutes. He should have been faster.  But the world kept changing.  Deliberately slowing him.

The elves brought her.  She woke at his final delivery and they spent his two waking hours alone together.  She would not sleep again until midnight, December 24, 2002.  He would not wake again until the same time.

But such were the villain’s terms for the lovers’ immortality.