FourStory Article on Thanksgiving, Kind Of

Last week’s article was on Thanksgiving, and I didn’t post it on Minefield Wonderland because I was too busy enjoying my Thanksgiving.  But I’ll be just as thankful if you click through and read it now.  It’s about the history of Thanksgiving, written from the perspective of a sensational media figure.  Here an excerpt and you can guess who I’m channeling:

And yet, unilateral decisions over the people made by renowned figures in American history and the full-scale undermining of our personal freedoms by a liberal feminist thought leader are still not the scariest, most ominous or intrusive features of Thanksgiving. You see, sometime in the late 1930s, in the midst of World War Two, a secret meeting was held between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the de facto commercial, banking and manufacturing puppet masters. What did they want from Roosevelt, you ask? Well, aside from his everlasting soul, the same thing all dark and ominous shadow entities want: money.

Click here to keep reading. I promise: it’s fun!