Thanks for the Show Press, FlavorPill!

FlavorPill were awesome enough to mention the show (which opens tomorrow) to the wide wide web audience.  We really enjoyed their take on what we are trying to do with the show…

From MW Member Hillary Bauman, and the comic "Mirage Post-Meridian"

“With commercial or studio “day jobs” a renewed necessity of the current economy, many talented artists have been forced to stop work on their personal unfinished projects. Hold Up Art presents a group show of high-concept, lovingly prepped, midway masterpieces, which, despite its possible hopes for jump-starting them back to life, in its raw, open-ended state, is already its own reward.”

This is a great blurb for a different reason that the others we’ve mentioned that focus more on the comic-art angle for the show: each Minefield Wonderland artists involved with The Story Foreshadows is a working, professional artist.  We are digital animators, storyboard artists, costume designers, video game developers, 2-d animators, drawing educators, interior designers, and 3-d renderers who all share a common interesting in fun and creative storytelling.

On that note, we actually finished hanging the gallery yesterday, and we can’t wait for you to come and see it for yourself!