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Minefield Wonderland is Tony’s place to tell stories, fuse ideas together and record that he published anything at all. It is also a repository for his fears, anxieties, hopes and efforts.

Also, there are mistakes on this site. A lot of them. But if you can’t make mistakes on your own site, where can you?

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Comments on Political Economy

Of a series of articles I’ve written untangling complex political and economic policy, I have a few favorites I wanted to highlight, including this article on the pros and cons of developing California’s high-speed rail system, this one on drugs and disparity, or my personal favorite article analyzing multigenerational housing trends.

I’m also particularly proud of an interview and commentary series I did on groups of individuals nationally and internationally who purchased their first homes. It began with this article set in Culver City and continued to articles on buyers in Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, Massachusetts, and London in the UK.

Articles on Design

Over the years, I’ve discussed design functionally in articles outlining the importance of trees in urban spaces, the implications of high-end architectural renderings on expectations, the philosophical implications of the design of “third spaces,” and the process of adopting user data to better design our communities.

I’ve also written a multitude of articles that focus entirely on highlighting amazing home and industrial design on the internationally popular site, Freshome.com. For a list of all of the articles I’ve written for Freshome, click here and scroll through.

Travel Writing

While advocating for affordable housing and smart urban planning, I’ve written travel stories as well. First, a short series of articles on my month-long experience traveling through India, highlighting elements of the city of Mumbai, traveling from the capital of Delhi to the Taj Mahal in Agra, and moving along from Agra to Jaipur. I’ve relayed similar articles on my experiences through Lebanon in an article about how Beirut’s neighborhoods are being completely overhauled, and the structure and cultural economy of Palestinian refugee camps I walked through.

As part in a research trip to Cuba in 2009, I penned/typed a few analysis articles on my experiences traveling through Havana and through the countryside, including one about the political/economic climate in the country and another on Cuba’s shadow clothing economy. I’ve also written articles exploring public transit opportunities in my local and loved city of Los Angeles, including articles on taking the gold, blue, and red lines, the Angels Flight Funicular rail, and an article on moving through a crammed urban space after a huge Lakers win.

Humor & Fury

Although I take my writing and you seriously–very seriously–I also don’t and don’t care. Therefore, I write flippant, incoherent, impassioned and/or non-sequitur claptrap too.

They end up reading like these articles on haunted fictional communities, conspiracies involving hip hop moguls and the prison-industrial complex, stories about fat racists, rants about how ugly Los Angeles is for an “international” city, a diatribe on watching guys getting beating half to death by cops, and the relationship between disparity and despair.

This site of full these thoughts, though you’d likely get more of them in my fiction. Like this short story about creeping global warming and death, this one about a sentient murder-bot, or this story about a soldier dealing with severe PTSD. There are more in my short story section that I sincerely hope enjoy (but will understand if you do not). I also hope so insincerely.

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